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1 February 2022 - 31 January 2026

In a nutshell

RENOWAVE is a Flagship project funded by the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse. Its objective is to reduce the COemissions in the Swiss built environment by addressing building retrofit and switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies. Buildings are a major source of Switzerland’s CO2 emissions, and the existing stock will represent the overwhelming part of the sectorial energy demand for the several upcoming decades. The challenges (technical, financial and organizational) related to large-scale and efficient retrofits are numerous, interrelated and transdisciplinary. RENOWAVE addresses building retrofit in a process of co-construction between researchers from various fields and implementation partners representing the various stakeholders involved in the complex process chain of renovation. Therefore 46 implementation partners and 16 research groups from industry, research and public authorities collaborate on 16 topics related to the retrofit of the building stock. The project started in February 2022 and will end in February 2026.


The 16 topics treated in the project are interrelated and regrouped into four main pillars:

  • Information cooperation & support
  • Technology and architecture
  • Finance regulation and law
  • Business strategies and renovation clusters

Each of the 16 topics, which are organized as sub-projects, focuses on a specific hurdle that needs to be overcome to increase the energy modernization rate of the Swiss building stock.

Solution Factsheets of the RENOWAVE Project.

Project Consortium

The project consortium consists of 16 research groups and 46 organisations, representing the different stakeholder groups involved in the built environment: cities, architects, energy providers, finance institutions, etc... The complementary competences of the project partners allow an interdisciplinary approach. The profiles of the consortium partners will be added soon.

Broader community

The RENOWAVE project does not claim to accomplish the renovation wave on its own within the project duration. It is a first step in addressing the multiple hurdles for retrofitting the building stock and reducing CO2 emissions across disciplines.

For a massive wave, a broader community is needed. Building and animating this community is the aim of the current platform. All persons and organizations interested in reducing the CO2 emissions of the building stock can join the community.

Interested to join? Write an email to info@renowave.ch

Project funding

RENOWAVE is one of the first flagship projects funded by Innosuisse. The purpose of the flagship initiative is to stimulate innovation in areas relevant to a large part of the economy or society and to promote transdisciplinary project collaboration. The Initiative strives for solutions to current or future challenges, which concern several actors and/or can only be solved through collaborative work.

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